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My husband steals and cheats to save money… And now he’s shop-lifted!

I don’t know how he looks at himself in the mirror after what he did. The rest was already enough, but shoplifting? I can’t help but not be able to trust him much after that.

Helpless father need advice for daughter

Her husband took her to psychiatrist and found that she might have kleptomania. As a father what are my responsibility toward my daughter? Is she mentally ill? Will she be cure ever?

My 16 year old sister is having sexual relationship with her boyfriend

She steals… ran away… blackmails us. My family is falling apart because of her.

How to repent for stealing CD’s

I was thinking of going to the shop and paying the man a large amount of money for the CD’s and apologizing to him, is it too late or can I fix this?

My wife is mentally ill, but I didnt know till after marriage

I got married in sept 2011. Since then my spouse behaved in different ways .I got lost to find her madness like actions. I tried my best to advice her to mend her behavior so that we can live a happy married life which will lead to our bright future but all in vain .When referred to her parents they were also advising her to behave properly and apologizing us for her rude and rough behavior .

What is my right of money after divorce from my husband the thief!

Found out was divorce 4 months later after it was filed one year a go by my ex-husband. Many times his story changes why he divorced me. After he taken 24 thousand USD from me..

Need advice in disciplining my 11 year old daughter

My 11 year old daughter is a wonderful kid. But this past week she has stunned me by lying about school detention and today I found my expensive perfume was missing. I went to the school and asked her about it, and she admitted to me that she took it and gave it to her friend. I was so disappointed and heart broken that she has done these decieving things.

Is it okay for Muslims to disrespect and steal from non-Muslims?

Two Muslim brothers saw a non-Muslim man lying down on the sidewalk too drunk to even get up. They took his wallet and took all his money from him.

Later they laughingly told this story to a friend of mine (another Muslim). They thought it was a great joke. My friend was horrified and told them that this was wrong and they had no right to do this. They stated that since he the fellow on the sidewalk was a kafir and drunk, that there was no wrong in it and that it was okay.

I stole money from my company, what should I do?

I’m working in a company… and I have stolen about USD $3,500.. now im feeling guilty and search ways to return back this money… otherwise should i give this for charity? I’m afraid that ALLAH SWT wont forgive me for this… pls help me!