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Would my Mum be better off without me?

I’m 16 years old and i want to run away from home so that my mum can live happily with her new family. HELP MEEEEE!


Now my husband and son have issues. What to do?

Can a stepfather be a wali?

The girl’s mother had remarried when the girl was of very young age. The girl does not recall her real father, and she knows her stepfather as the real father. The stepfather has an affidavit to show that he had taken guardianship of the girl

Heading for divorce after my stepson attacked me

I am the only father he has known since he was eight years old. I told my wife that he has to leave. She demanded he is not going anywhere.

My husband is a poor stepfather

Three times I needed to bring her to hospital, and every time I was alone because he didn’t believe that she was sick. That hurt me a lot and I told him but he doesn’t understand my feelings, so when he is angry he says that he doesn’t want to look after her because also her father doesn’t look after her.

Mom remarried, can stepfather see me without hijab?

I am a 16 year old girl that just moved in with mom. The question is, now that my mother has remarried, can my step dad see me without a scarf?