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How do I get out of this?

It’s just 2 and a half months that we have broken up, but he is happy now MashaAllah. I pray for his happiness but I still cannot stop thinking about him.

How to gain patience on a heartbreak

I apologized but he told me it’s over that I broke his heart and that he doesn’t trust me anymore.

Married a year and half

Our marriage at this point is a disaster.

Desperate need for guidance!

Should I choose my family or leave them at this stage and go live my dream with my previous love?

My boyfriend married someone else, what do I do?

He told me, if i wanted to go i can leave him! But i cant! I love him so much! He told me to marry him and be his second wife! But i just cant accept that!

I still love my ex-husband…

I never thought that he would do something like this to me, I never seen him as a man that could be so heartless. But I still love him.

I can’t move on after my divorce

I have a son to look after and I have to be strong for me to be with him. But I am broken from inside.

Married with a young son, and treated badly

Now my parents decided that when my in laws or husband will come here for me, then they will ask for divorce. After all when he has not proven ever a husband nor ever fulfill my requirements, then there is no need to stay with him for whole life. I cannot live without him as I love him so much.

I need my ex husband back InshaAllah

I’m afraid that I will never feel the same about a person ever again. That my punishment from God is dying knowing I’ve lost something good.

Broken Engagement….advise needed desperately

I feel like if I pray to Allah to change his heart and make him love me, He will. Does Allah invoke love in someone’s heart for you if you pray for it?