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Is stoning the only way to repent for this sin?

How much gunah I have gotten? How do I repent? Is stoning applicable for all bases? Is stoning the only way to repent?

Stoning as a Punishment for Adultery

I don’t understanding why stoning is acceptable in Islam. I understand that zina is a terrible sin but to me Islam is a religion about forgiveness and it’s about believing that Allah is infinitely merciful.

I commited zinaa. Now I want to repent, to live and die as a Muslim for the rest of my life

I have read in Al Quran & Hadith that if a Married person performed this SIN he should be stoned to death. Also i have read in Al Quran that who ever realises that he made a sin & Regrets, Ask tawbah, Completly stops from doing that sin again & fully believe in Allah that he will accepts the tawbah and forgive.