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We separated but I realized my mistake and want her back but her parents doesn’t agree

However, now, we both want to be together, and we KNOW we can be happy. She is ready to come to me, unfortunately, convincing family is not an option for us as i had tried everything. She is ready to come, but her only concern is that she doesn’t want to do it without telling her mother. She knows her mother will be unhappy at first but eventually her mother will be happy once she sees us happy.

I have stopped masturbation after 5 years, worried it will affect married life

Now i am afraid of my married life i am going to marry a girl soon INSHALLAH! I love her so much because of her i was able to stop masturbating..i want to know that due to my past (masturbating) is there any problem in my child birth process or any of the problems of infertility?

Trying for a baby but can’t conceive

Please let me know what are your experiences and journeys like while trying to have a baby. I’ve had to deal with several ppl (relatives) who are accusing me of being barren. Having the medical done really puts things at ease.

My husband takes care of family but he drinks alcohol, please help

I hate my life, sometime feel guilty for his deeds. I am from a very Islamic family, I consider drinking a sin. Please advise me what to do.