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Failed at everything, out of ideas

I failed to take care of my father, failed my to take care of my mother, failed to take care of my wife, now failed myself.

Advice on Irritating and disappointments in Matrimonial relationship

Now I am stuck that my parents won’t be happy with me and on other hand, I can’t leave my wife.

Unsure about my marriage

I feel stuck. I am in love with him but I can not see a future with him as the father of my future children or even as an ideal Muslim husband.

What should I do if my Ex-husband keeps calling me?

My name is Vi, and I have been married to my ex-husband for 4 years, but now we are divorced.
We have been divorced for 7 months and I also got remarried and I’ve been married for 4 months. My relationship with my husband is wonderful and I am extremely happy.

My wife and my future second wife threaten to kill themselves, help me.

I also know that i am guilty in the first place but now it has already happened. Love just happens and i wish if we all could stop it happening. If it was just my love i would have sacrified it for the sake of Allah but now its a matter of life and death.

I love her but her past is bothering me

I’m Egyptian Muslim and I meet American girl here in Egypt during her study abroad, so we totally in love!! And she want to convert to Islam, and she really changed in everything…