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Getting excluded from degree

Someone please help me or suggest me with a wazifa or dua for me to stay in my degree.

Wazifa to study abroad

I want to go to China for MBBS….. Please tell me a wazifa for me to obtain this.

Where to Study More About Islam?

I want to study in Arabic speaking country. I don’t know about good Islamic schools, I would appreciate your suggestions.

Wazifa to Achieve My Dream Career

I strive for my goals. but the closer I get the farther down I fall. Why is this happening to me, what about all my hard work.

Difficulties in Quran memorization – is it because of porn and masturbation?

About two years ago, I memorised about 1/3 of he Quran but now I can’t recall even 3 full juz… it seems like I’m getting worse.

Considering suicide… Is it the only way out of this mess?

Suicide is the only solution for me. I know it’s haram… but I can’t find any other solution.

Marriage or studies, which comes first? I fear for my deen but don’t want to displease parents.

Shall I just take a gap year and work for myself to get married asap even though it would displease/anger my parents and have them thinking I dropped out from university?

I can’t make a decision about my studies

I am a girl who finished school. I made several ishthikhara to choose a course at college. I believe that ishthikhara is about Allah’s guidance more than considering signs and dreams. Finally I chose a course for which I felt good and I joined.

Will traditional parents allow this?

I come from a very traditional family as in we are against love marriages, girls can’t work (but can be educated), aren’t allowed to party, etc. However, being born and raised a westerner I have had many cultural clashes and one of them is obviously being in love. I’m a 21 year old college student and I have a boyfriend of a year and a half and my parents have no idea about it. (I know very bad of me). Even if they found out I was talking to a male things wouldn’t end up good, that’s how conservative we are.

He promised to marry me but married a lady who threatened to accuse him of rape

He says that the girl he has married under pressure is five years older then him and was a drug trafficker (which slipped from her tongue once) and probably was not a virgin (Allahu A’lam) I would have no problem to share my husband with a second woman as its allowed in islam but she is westernised hell, abusive, and i doubt her faithfulness.