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Ishtakara dream of shoes

What is the meaning of this dream, what I have to do?

My parents don’t agree with my dream

My parents told me that I should just be an engineer and just forget my dream to study abroad… I don’t want to hurt my parents but I really do want to achieve my dreams.

Wazifa to study abroad

I want to go to China for MBBS….. Please tell me a wazifa for me to obtain this.

Where to Study More About Islam?

I want to study in Arabic speaking country. I don’t know about good Islamic schools, I would appreciate your suggestions.

Husband leaving for 6 years to study abroad

I am a teenager and my husband and I live separately due to family. My parents do not let me meet him incase I get pregnant. He will be leaving to go to study for 6 years. All I want is to be with him but he cannot take me. He asked me if he should stay or go…?