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A pregnant Muslim lady abandoned by her own family

I cannot love my parents or my husband any more. I cannot forget my suffering.

Drug addicted bestfriend?

His father died. He went through a lot of grief and trauma and ended up being a drug addict. Is there any dua that might help him?

He forced me

I just can’t forget how he had touched my body… how he used me…

My family makes me suffer

My family is making my life a living hell, my parents are under black magic.

Please suggest what shall I do, my son and I can’t live separate from my husband?

Since 5 yrs i every day pray with ALLAH and ask for help and support but we failed . I tried every possibility but still failed. Please suggest what i do. how me and my son can be happy again. i read every Surat in Qur’an. and i am keep reading. but still we are living our miserable life.

My wife says she loves me but likes herself more than me

My wife loves me dearly and waited for 10 years until I finally admitted my feelings for her and we got married. 6 months into the marriage I realized that she was satisfying herself ….

Am I a wife or prostitute?

I had an arranged marriage to a man from an Arab country. I was fully aware of my husbands first wife, five children and a 30 yr age difference between us. I agreed to marry him in spite of both of these challenges. nd I completely underestimated the trials polygamy could bring to your life when not practiced properly.