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In love with a fellow and engaged to my Cousin

Upon knowing that he is Shia they engaged me to my cousin as I belong to Sunni family. I find myself unable to move on.

I love a girl so much …. but I know I can’t have her

For the first time I am sharing what’s in my heart. I just can’t keep all these emotions in my heart.

Can I marry a Shia Muslim man? – CLOSED TO COMMENTS

I am a sunni Muslim and want to marry a shia Muslim man. He is Naqvi shia.

How can a shia and sunni marry

i am here in this blog by viewing some very good discussion/suggestions related to different issues. two of my friends one is shia (boy) and other is sunni (girl) loves each other and they might not live with out each other. i am here to u people to give me any solution regarding to this…

I am Sunni, he is Shia, my parents don’t accept, can i make nikah without their permission?

I have never displeased my family before in my life and now i am extremely heart broken that they do not accept my decision to marry and make a life for myself. I believe we are all Muslim and on the day of judgement we will not be in separate queues of Sunni and Shia… Why this division in society? Please advise… Torn between love and Family…

I’m Marrying a Half Shia

I’m Sunni, he is Shia. I love him, I’m engaged. There is no turning back. It’s formal and if I leave him I’d get a bad name in the society plus I love him.

can a sunni girl marry a shia boy?

can a sunni girl marry a shia boy?