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I love a girl so much …. but I know I can’t have her

For the first time I am sharing what’s in my heart. I just can’t keep all these emotions in my heart.

Shia Father Refuses to Get Me Married to a Sunni

Guy’s family is constantly saying that when will you come as it’s 6 months period now. What am i suppose to do ? i will not marry any shia at any cost. plus i want to marry as soon as possible because i’m already in my late 25.

Heartbroken! He loves me but won’t marry me if I stay shia!

I am from a shia Iraqi background and he is Palestinian sunni. We started talking and he immediately started to flirt with me and spoil me with compliments. Being a sensitive and emotional girl that I am, I fell for it and started to develop feelings for him.

I am Shite and he is Sunni; is the right one for me?

even wen i talk abut getting married hes always like, not now, first let me be someone… stand on my own feet… get a job then i’ll talk to ur parents… right now we r young.. (im 18 n he’s 21)…but the prob is that im shia n he’s a Sunni… my parents arn’t very strict abut that but is he the right one for me? I know he’s not a fake but i need advice???

How to tell my parents about my online Shia love?

Salaam, I have talked to a guy through internet for almost two years now. We both wish to see each other, as he lives in another country, he’s from Lebanon and I am from Jordan but I live in Europe; Germany, with my family. We are both muslims, though I am sunni and he is shia muslim, but that has never been a problem between us.

Who should I marry???

I was in a relationship for 3 years and love him to death, we have been through a lot together. We wanted to get married and I decided to tell my parents about him…

I’m a Sunni and I want to marry a Shia girl

I am a 22 years old Sunni Muslim and she is a 20 years old Shia girl and we both are doing bachelors together. I am in love with her and within a year, we created a very strong bond of love within ourselves (nothing physical).

I’m Marrying a Half Shia

I’m Sunni, he is Shia. I love him, I’m engaged. There is no turning back. It’s formal and if I leave him I’d get a bad name in the society plus I love him.

Wanting to get married [without parents knowledge]

My question is: I am Ahmadi and my boyfriend is Sunni. I have tried speaking to my parents about the fact that seeing Imran and talking to him is against Islam and that I do not want to sin further and if there is any possibility to get nikah done now. My parents however replied that in order for me and him to get married he will have to become Ahamdi. Since this is something we can not do can we get our Nikah done without our Parents knowing?

can a sunni girl marry a shia boy?

can a sunni girl marry a shia boy?