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I am a Syed girl wanting to marry a Sunni

Now the issue my mum has is because we’re Syed I am only allowed to marry a syed. A nikkah with a non syed would apparently be haram.

My husband is a shia…

We now have two daughters and I’m worried about their faith. What should I do?

Seeking guidance about proposals

One proposal is Shia and I am Sunni .. I am more inclined towards this guy but I am worried about the family issues and also lifelong problems.

Shia and Sunni want to get married

My parents agree but her parents do not due to shia and sunni problems in our society.

Want some advice in the light of Quran and sunnah

Can a sunni girl marry a shia boy?

Secret nikkah between sunni/shia

I told him on the very first day that I was shia and I was not a girl of friendship or dating etc; and if he was interested to propose to me straight away but that my parents will never accept him. So he was serious about marrying me and committed, and so was I. He sent a proposal ten times, but my father rejected him just because he is sunni. When I knew that my father would never accept him, we both did nikah secretly.

I want to marry my girlfriend, but my father made me promise not to speak with her

My father made me promise on Quran… What happens if I break the promise? I would love to settle down with her and turn her into sunni too.

Will my boyfriend marry me or is he playing around?

He is 4 years older than me. I have tried to confront him a lot of times about why he does not properly express his love…

I am Sunni Muslim and want to marry a Sunni Syed girl

I am a sunni guy and the one I love is a syed sunni girl. We both love each other and want to marry and live happy. We are very close to each other and truly love each other. We are together for more than 1 year now. When her mother came to know about our relationship and our wish to marry each other she refused because I am not a syed guy and was against us.

My father rejected our marriage

I met a girl at school, I want to marry her as well, but my father rejected the married because I’m sunni and she’s shia.