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My Husband is a Weak Muslim

If we were a secular couple, I couldn’t complain about his few shortcomings. But since we are Muslims, there are expectations of each of us as spouses and parents.

Deceased Father – Unknown Marriage

A day after my father died, a lady come to our home and claimed that she was also the wife… I haven’t met or even saw the lady before.

my non-muslim friend wants to have an abortion, what can I do?

I have spoken to her and tried to persuade her that what she is doing wrong, and that it is like murdering someone and she should not do what she is planning to do. I feel very guilty for knowing what I know, and not able to do anything more about it.

I have to choose between my mother and the guy I love

I badly need your advise on a very urgent matter. I am 45 years old and still unmarried working as a lecturer in a university, my father died in my childhood and my only brother who was 16 years older than me died 3 years back, mother is very old and she is also suffering from arthiritus..

I am pregnant and my boyfriend thinks on suicide

They have demanded I have an abortion (something I am not prepared to do) and that my partner has to choose between being a son and being a father. …

Abusive husband wants to move me away from my support network

When we moved he began to insult me and my family. He began to disrespect me and put me down. He used to verbally abuse me. As it was a new place I had no one to confide in and I kept the comments about me to myself. He would say to me ‘you should listen to me even if I am wrong. If I say to you to jump off the building you should say yes’.