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Ghusl after an operation

Do I have to take a ghusl every time?

I want my boyfriend to pay for my hymen restoration

Regarding the hymen restoration, I spoke to a few practicing people and they said it’s best I do it because of my family background – if they found out it would cause havoc.

Can I get surgery to remove excess skin from weight loss?

I heard that depending on how bad it is, I may need a few surgeries, be it plastic or whatever. This isn’t me doing it to be beautiful but it is really affecting me in many different ways.

Any duas for an operation?

The doctors at the hospital have told me that when they remove my wisdom teeth there is a chance that my tongue and lips could stay numb permanently. This is scaring me because I don’t want to feel like that forever. Just help me by praying for me and if there is any chance, could you find a dua that could help me?