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I don’t know what to do with my wife

One head tells me be patient and she will change, and other head tells me it will just get worse. But I cannot do anything because of the babies. I have thought many times and I believe now that if we didn’t have any children, maybe it would be better to divorce and finish it.

My father has problems with suspicion

The main issue that I need advice on is that despite all that my mother does for my father and grandparents, my father has these random bouts of paranoia. He starts imagining that my mother is talking to other men or she is flirting with other men.

my husband is probably looking for another girl

Today I found out he is still an active member of one famous muslim dating site (where I met him) and that he is looking for a girl. And in his profile there is written : he is “single”. We never had big problems between us, we are newly married, and I really loved him. But now I really don’t know…

She’s cheating on me, but promised to stop

I am really committed to a girl. We had sex, but she is having contact with some other boys also- I mean love affairs. I caught it, but now she is saying she has stopped all those and loves me only. Yet she is keeping distance from me also. What should I do now? -Rasheed

What should I do about her infidelity?

She said she wants to work and go out without me and I am not allowing her to do that. I told her that this relationship is very important to me, and almost had tears in my eyes, but she still went. It’s been 48 hours that she hasn’t bothered to talk with our son or me. I don’t know what will happen, or how I will deal with it.

I suspect my wife of being unfaithful

She said she got an STD from using the dirty toilet. My suspicion is that she might’ve had sex with the handyman. I have no proof but I can’t live with her with doubts in my mind.

Husband does not want to have children yet

I think he is not completely honest with me, and has some medical condition which he is not sharing with me. We have not come closer yet (no intercourse) and he refuses to get any tests done.

Insecure and suspicious husband wants divorce

He is considering divorce. I have no idea what to do; maybe it is a punishment for the relationship I had with him prior to marriage. It will devastate my parents as they are really happy.

I think my husband is cheating on me, what should I do?

I had an email account that he was talking to girls about his sexual desire and dreams. I have noticed he watches a lot of porn and tells me there is nothing wrong with that. So now a lot of things go in my mind like, did he use an escort service, does he do it online on porn sites, and a lot of other stuff. Of course he denies it all and swears that he has done nothing wrong.

how to deal with a cheating husband

Last year when I was pregnant with our second he had gone on a business trip, and when he came back I got ahold of his phone and from the google search history there were things like “tantric massage and sex in (the area he was)”. He admitted to all this but says he did not have sex, but I’ve no reason to believe him.