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I don’t like the way his parents look at me

Attractions became fatal as we fell for one another. As time passed, he consulted his mother about us. I got affected as his mother was giving looks when I came over. I started to wonder if I was right from the beginning.

I’m in severe pain, confused and lost

My second wife always behaves in a way she makes me feel suspect her…

Divorce is the Only Option

I cannot be with her. How can a man be with a woman he does not respect? I want out.

Wife is involved in haram relationship

Before marriage she told me that she was raped… After marriage I came to know that she lied to me and in fact she had been involved in adultery for two years.

Writing a letter after husband has left for UK?

If wife writes a letter to British council telling them that husband has escaped to UK leaving family behind and wife is suspecting him getting married there, will it work?

How to deal with shakk? It’s ruining my life…

I believe no woman is loyal, but her case was different because I thought if she becomes a Muslim I wouldn’t have any problem but now I have doubts in my head most of the time. If she is cheating on me or something then how can I know and be sure about it?

Wife confessed to her premarital relationships when asked to swear on Allah’s name.

today I asked her by taking the name of Allah and the Azaan was also going on, then she confessed that once a boy kissed her forcefully, but after that she neither talked with him nor she was in contact with him and again when I asked her about did U both had sex or more than a kiss ?

It’s been 4 years, should I keep waiting for him to propose?

This is all driving me crazy. I have feelings for him now and began to see a life with him. to lose him would hurt immensely. I don’t know whether to confront him or keep waiting. He technically isn’t an option yet so i don’t think salat-ul-istikhara would be fitting. I had begun to pray that Allah see that we end up married. Now i don’t know what to do.

Will Allah punish me for being suspicious of my husband when I have every reason to?

My question is that every time I have looked in his cell phone, I have found messages to and from other girls or women, where he is referring to these women as princess, telling them that he is thinking about them, and things like that.

She lied about her pregnancy and about the death of her father. How do I deal with liars?

I sympathized greatly with her once she told me that one of her twins was deformed.  I told her that I would help her in any way possible.  Then, I found out that her sonogram pictures were fake.