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I love her but she doesn´t care about me

At that time I was struggling very hard to set up my own business. I gave her everything when I was in Britain, supported her in every way a husband should do, but she didn’t bother, when I needed her.

Were my husband and I under black magic?

We moved to Morocco about 6 years ago. I have now been married almost 20 years. In the 2nd year, through time, I began to develop a strong hate for my husband. I couldn’t stand to be beside him.

My brother´s lies about me has caused my family to reject me

My brothers and sisters have played games instead of saying this to my face they have assumed alot of things which are not true. They think i am paranoid because I have had personal probles with my husband. This is not true. My brother has told a lot of lies, they are the reason I have become so paranoid because i don´t trust them.

I read 2 or 3 namaza a day. I feel they all gang up on me,…

I saw my sister’s naked picture on my husband´s phone

My husband is cheating on me again and again, every time he refuse to admit that he did anything wrong even that I saw my sister naked picture in his mobile but he refuses to admit that he is wrong.

I am afraid my boyfriend is cheating on me

I am a muslim young teenage girl, I have a boyfriend but my family know about him. Our families are in the process of accepting each other family and are looking to get us married, insha´Allah. But lately he hasn´t been acting like himself…

A married man having secret conversations

If an Islamic man is married and have secret conversations with a non islamic woman without the wife’s knowledge. Is that permitted?

I live a loveless life

Assalamu alaikum.

I am married woman, having 2 year old son. I got married in 2002 and living in a painful life.. I got married at the age of 28 and very good looking.. I look very young for my age.. even now, they can say my age as 25.. I got married to who works in abroad.

I was so loving, caring and affectionate towards my husband when I got married,,,,

I am suspicious my husband is cheating on me, why?

I´m married and my husband is too strict towards me.When we got married, I wore hijab and started practicing Islam with my husband. Now, he doesn´t read namaz and takes spliff and also is commiting adultery with various women ….

He accused me of cheating him and now I can’t move on.

I am having a problem in forgetting my past and moving on with my future. i need your help. I deeply loved my ex. After he proposed he changed a lot he started suspecting me.I tolerated it and explained to him that am not the the type he thinks of. I the 1st place am an orphan i live with my sister am in 29yrs i got a lot of proposals but nothing worked out.So was worried about my life. A girl’s life is not complete without a mahar…

I lied and now he doesn’t trust me

Salam, recently my fiance and I broke up. The reason was that he said he couldn’t trust me. I’m an American and I think he has incorporated his views of the west into his opinion of me.