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I swore a lie on the Quran only to make my parents happy

My parents forced me to take my hand on the Quran and promise to not commit the sin again, so I did it only to make them happy, but I knew I would do it again.

I’m afraid of Allah’s anger for breaking an oath

I swore to cut my relation with my sister. I did that as i always felt that my sister (Who is married) doesn’t treats me like other siblings.

I am depressed….please give me a solution!!

I touched Quran and promised that I will forget her. At this time, I also promised that I will not marry any girl in my entire life.

Swore on Quran not to contact my girlfriend, but I broke it

I swore to my mother on the Quran that I would not contact my girlfriend anymore, but I broke it because I love her.

False Quran Promises and Forced Marriages

She made me swear on the Quran that I will close my eyes and without questioning, marry/engage/do anything related to anyone she asks me at whatever time in life.

Promise made to father on Quran

The girl was afraid of her father and touched the Quran and made promises unwillingly.

Swearing falsely on Quran to save your marriage?

Can I swear upon Quran with the intention of saving my marriage? I love him now- just him- I will never deceive him. Only this oath can save my marriage, and save me from talaaq.

I swore on the Quran and then broke my promise

I have put my hand on Quran and sworn to my friend that I will not discuss any thing about him to anyone in future, but I have forgot this qasam and again I have discussed him.

My mother made me swear on the Quran never to see my boyfriend again

I’ve been in a relationship and the guy has even proposed to me. His family knows about me and they are even ready to accept me. But from my family its completely NO.

She left me, said lies about me now I am helpless.

I am very much mentally disturbed these days I always wish to end my life but I know it´s haram. Actually when I was studying in my college doing bachelor`s degree there was this girl in my college who was also doing bachelor`s degree .