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I want to marry my girlfriend, but my father made me promise not to speak with her

My father made me promise on Quran… What happens if I break the promise? I would love to settle down with her and turn her into sunni too.

He took an oath on the Quran to never touch me sexually, but now we’re in love & want to marry

He is married and I have been talking to him for 2 yrs. We respect each other nothing sexually happened between us. I know his children and his wife. She doesn’t like me because I help him alot and she thinks that something is going on between him and me. She made him swear over the Quran that he will not touch me sexually and that he looks at me like part of the family.

Can I trust her when she says I am her first?

I got into a relationship and told the girl all about my past, she claimed to have told me all as well. Wwe got close and committed zina. There was no blood the first time and she said that she had not been with anyone before.