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To divorce or not – there are kids involved?

I had automatically thought that it’s divorce for me. But really I don’t want to lose my husband. Yes he didn’t treat me well but it was all because of his mum.

I need help with my mother in law

My husband does not speak up for me. He stays quiet when his mother swears at me and calls me disgusting names. I am very worried she may have done black magic or something similar.

I’ve cursed my mother

I’ve repented, but ended up doing it again and again. I know Allah will definitely put me in hell.

I love my wife, but she curses, scratches and bites

I got married 9 months ago. Before marriage, everything was fine. After marriage, she became abusively angry toward me. She abuses me verbally and physically. I love her very much, but it’s so difficult to live with her…