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Am I doing the right thing? My wife and I want a child and this seems the only way…

I have decided to marry a second woman without a child, medically capable of bearing a child. She would be bearing my child for us which will be raised by my first wife. There are no compulsions at all if my second wife would want to meet or want to see her child. We can have more who shall be solely taken care by the second wife.

Concerns on Becoming a Second Wife

I cannot ask him to divorce his first wife to get married to me. Plus, being the only child, my mom is not agreeing to get me married to this man with 2 kids.

Her behavior is changing since we did Istikharah

We have done istikhara. I have thrice been awarded by Allah his Raza. But she couldn’t see anything. Now she is asking me to see some Aalim and then only decide whether to go further or not. Also there is a marked turning point in her behavior.