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Is this punishment?

I broke a vow. Now I am broken. Many times I have thought about suicide…

Is this an oath?

If a person doesn’t want to do this anymore, and it is still before the exam or marriage, what do they do?

Forced Promise

What if I have to promise something to my parents forcibly by keeping my hands over the Quran?

Concept of kasam/swear

Is it necessary to fulfill it ?If you dont fulfill it; does it harm that person who gave you kasam./swear?

My mother made me promise not to contact him

We became more than friends. For about a year we were together but then my mother found out.

Oath on Quran and breaking it

This vicious cycle of smoking, feeling guilty, quitting, paying kuffarah take a toll on many aspects of my life.

Exams and career goals

What surah should I read to achieve my dream?

I want to marry my girlfriend, but my father made me promise not to speak with her

My father made me promise on Quran… What happens if I break the promise? I would love to settle down with her and turn her into sunni too.

I swore on the Quran and then broke my promise

I have put my hand on Quran and sworn to my friend that I will not discuss any thing about him to anyone in future, but I have forgot this qasam and again I have discussed him.

I am heartbroken, overwhelmed and ashamed for what I did. Please help me I want my fiance back

I was engaged to a brother. We had the right intentions and were doing things in the correct way. No private contact, no private meetings. The first time we met alone, we both tried to get a third party but were unable to, and I was leaving the city so we ended up meeting alone.