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Can I get khula?

We had no love in our relationship. I’ve asked for talaq but he doesn’t want to give it.

I want to marry a woman who is already married

Her husband has given 1 talaq in front of her father and when she asks for two more they said after 1 menstrual period, but now it’s been 2 years she is asking but no one is listening…

Marriage Certificate – is this Fair?

Should I sign this marriage contract? It seems to infringe a right that is mine, and also maybe it shows a lack of trust…

My husband left me but I don’t understand if he cheated me or not

Still now I do not forget him, I still love him, I want him back in my life. Everyone hates him. I’m trying but I can’t.

I divorced my wife, now she wants to marry her lover

The man was fully aware she is married and in Nikah with me yet they both destroyed my marriage & family…

Should I divorce her?

My wife has never respected me and abuses my mother also. Should I divorce her?

My sister being mentally tortured by her husband

Among us four siblings, my sister used to be the liveliest of all; beloved of parents and grandparents alike. She is now on depression medication because of him.

What’s the status of our marriage?

Please help. Approximately last August, me and my husband separated. We both were under immense amounts of pressure and stress for various reasons, so I asked him for a divorce. He sent me a letter stating he was divorcing me, however there were no witnesses. He then applied for a civil divorce as well. Recently we […]

Heading for divorce after my stepson attacked me

I am the only father he has known since he was eight years old. I told my wife that he has to leave. She demanded he is not going anywhere.

I was so angry I gave my wife 3rd talaq – where do we stand?

I swear that these words were unintended. If a wife was insulting her husband, if the husband gave her talaq will it stand or not? We have 2 children…