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Talaaq given twice before rukhsati – is iddah necessary?

Before rukhsati my husband has given me two times talaaq over the telephone in anger. Is iddah necessary on me? And if he wants me back what should he do?

When to know to stop praying for reconciliation?

My heart is still with him and we have a child together. The more I keep praying for us to get back together, the harder it is for me to turn the page.

My mother wants me to divorce my wife

My mother is asking me to give talaq to my wife for the sake of God. I don’t know what to do.

Am I Islamically divorced?

I just feel I am being messed around and am not getting a clear answer from anyone. I feel as though I am just a ‘case number’ whereas my life is being turned upside down. All I want to know is that is the verbal and written divorce my husband gave me as mentioned above valid or not?

Does talaq automatically happen after 90 days of the parties separation?

Can anybody tell me me if does talaqh automatically happens after 90days of the parties separation? And there is no going back?

We agree on divorce, how does he do Talaq?

My husband doesn’t always pray all his 5 prayers. He works nights and sleeps most of the day. Sometimes he will combine prayers either at the wrong time or altogether as he cannot prayer at work. Does this invalidate our nikkah?

Nikkah, marriage and Talaq online, I need help

Last 2 weeks I have been in agony,crying,no sleep and behind in all my duties . Just a little about me ,I am 21 years old ,caring .peaceful ,for who ALLAH (s) is eternal love ,Fear HIM all the time .I came from a very educated and lovely family Alhamdu-Allah. However my problem stems from my decision to get married .

Do I need a divorce from the man who left me?

Salam, my husband left a year ago and he refused to give me a divorce. We had nikah only and he says it doesnt matter it was only Nikah which does not count in this country (UK) as marriage. But im not sure if he is correct. Do I require a Talaq from him or could I just forget about him. We had only been married 2 months and I had to ask him to leave as he was drinking and would use foul language and would become abusive towards me and my children from previous marriage.

Husband abandoned me and I lost my baby

The first two years of my marriage were very unhappy. I came back to my mothers place, I subsequently realized that i was pregnant. I put a word to my husband, he was very upset he did not speak to me for about a month and finally posted a talak nama. He did not give any reasons. With the shock i lost my 4 months pregnancy.

She divorced him, he remarried, now she wants him back

A woman had gotten married to a man. She then wanted a divorce from him but only recieved 2 talaqs. She then went to the Moulana’s and they granted her a divorce from this man.

Five years later now after she has started to have feeling for this man again, she claims the information she gave the moulana’s as to why she wanted a divorce were untrue. (She lied about the man abusing their child and threatening to kill the child). This man is now re-married to another woman (the second wife?).