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Will Allah punish me for talking to boys at school?

became consumed with texting them all the time, that somtimes the time of prayer would pass by. I also became a bit non-serious in studies and my grades began to drop. When my board exams were two months away, I stopped talking to them as frequently and started to concentrate on my studies. I needed to get good grades so that I didn’t lose my scholarship, and I couldn’t deal with the guilt of letting my parents pay large fees for my exam retakes.

Mom stopped me from texting him

I know texting him is a sin. I shouldn’t even be speaking to boys, and maybe I am young, but I know I love him. He loves me too, so why won’t my mom just let me marry him? She told me that no matter what happens, she’ll never let me marry him. She said she’s going to choose a boy for me, just like every other mother would; but where’s my say in that?