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I don’t know if I am still a Muslim or not?

I am trying to get Allah but I cannot. 4 years have past my trying. But the result is zero. I pray five time but I cannot find Allah.

I’m 17 and I want to stop gossiping and getting angry

I turned to Allah and asked Him about this, and alhamdillah I’m seeing changes and people also have pointed it out. But I want to dramatically change in that I want to be have a stronger iman, stop talking about people, be kind and nice, and also have everyone and Allah love and respect me.

Engaged for two years but she wants more than I can offer

She has grown to be an amazing person and now she feels as if I have not met her expectations. She wants more in life and feels that I will only provide an average life.

I feel like prayers are just utterance of words and just actions, please help!

I do apologise in advance if this is a stupid question. But what are Allah’s obligations or responsibilities to us muslims and non muslims? Does He have a role in respect of us?