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Justice or leave to Allah?

Should I go involve the police and get justice? The other question I have is how do I get Allah to forgive me as he would rape me during the time of the month. Am I also to blame for this and him breaking all my fasts?

I am so sad I want a cure for this depression

Assalam alaikum brothers and sisters i am 14 year old boy and I am patient of depression i hide my tears every time I don’t want to show anyone one time I caught by my mother crying I don’t know how to get peaceful life I am in worries of everything 🙁   Asadullah

Why am I so tired of life?

I cannot seem to find the strength in me to forgive myself or whatever I do, anything that includes me I absolutely loathe. I have told so many people about it, tried so many different things but I always end up back to square one.

In limbo with absent husband who won’t divorce

I got traded by my own father on some culturally backward promise and was married to a using Pakistani so that he could get to the UK. I have learned that my husband is definitely using drugs, cannabis and cocaine and he drinks alcohol. He shows no care or concern for the children and has become a stranger to them.