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In love with an older man

I am 16 but there is this guy I have met who is 25 years old… Shall I wait for him?

Young love in Islam with a non-Muslim

I’m 12 years and was in a relationship with a non-Muslim boy in my class.

18 and in love, is it wrong to talk to her?

I am 18 and in love with a girl, are we doing the right thing?

Can we do secret Nikah?

I am a girl of 17 and I love a boy who also truly loves me. He is 15.

I really like this man… I’m only 13?

I truly do love him, but lately, he’s been touching me a little.

I want to marry a white Muslim

I know I’m too young to think about marriage but if I see a future with him I need to be able to tell my parents.

15 years old and in love

We love each other a lot but we’re too young to get married. We want to follow Islamic guidance.

My boyfriend is ignoring me

He’s 24 and I’m 17… He’s ignoring me but he’s not telling me that he wants to break up like what do I do should I wait for him?

I’m in love, what should I do?

Please tell me what am I supposed to do? Whom should I tell ? Mom or dad? How should I tell them? How should I convince them?

Does he love me? Does he really want to marry me?

He talks to me about getting married, he said that his parents would love me as his wife. But I am afraid my parents won’t allow.