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Am I too young to marry her? Are we doing anything Haram?

We both have pure intentions and do see a future together InshaAllah. The only concern I have is that my parents may not take me very seriously if I talk about marriage with them right now.

I shared my body measurements with a guy online

I explained how this is wrong and I will no longer keep the chat open, and that they should forget me, my measurements, what happened…

Addicted to porn and masturbation, how to get out of it?

i have committed terrible sins and i am highly shameful of them but yet i recommit them…..i am addicted to porn and eventually masturbation since last 2 years……..every time i do it i become more of a sinner and it depresses me and angers me too

Difficulty in practicing Islam with Muslim parents

All my parents taught me was a lie. I feel terrible because I am Muslim but I don’t pray or fast. I started to pray secretly but I had to leave it due to my fears because my parents wakes up at night. I want to please Allah but my fears gets in the way.

Temptations; Is there a halal way for us to be together without me commiting sin?

I pray to Allah that he will arrange and find a way for our destiny to cross I’ve never loved a Girl like this before. everyday it feels like I’m moving further from her, and someone else is moving closer, I wake up 3am sometimes just to make Dua, this is my only hope, Because now I’ve truly understood that the only Halal way to reach her is with ALLAH’s Help.

Friend’s porn addiction, how do I help her?

Recently, however, I found out that she watches and reads porn. She wants to stop but every she says she can’t do it for more than a month. She says she’s searched for help online but didn’t think it was useful.

Is it normal that I crave isolation so much?

But even though these two girls were my only friends, and knew EVERYTHING about me, I didn’t feel anything as I lost them. It was as if they were never important to me (which they were) I just noticed that I CRAVE isolation. I want to be forever friendless,I want to be alone and I never want to be close with people, it makes me happy whenever I feel the vibe in me wanting to be alone, I don’t want to be in contact with anyone.

How can I control my carnal urges?

The only cause of my masturbation was that pornographic video on I know that I am committing a sin and I want to change this. But I just can’t control myself. Now I get the urge to masturbate every single day! I try to control my urge, but I can’t… Sometimes, I am able to stay without masturbating for two days maximum.

I Am In The Fitnah of Women, Please Help

I really need help in controlling my gaze. I’ve quit watching movies, tv etc. but the fitnah is so much widespread that I cant escape from it. In the college, on the roads and my family didn’t quit watching tv so all the filth from there also finds its way to my eyes.

He hugged and touched me by force; I didn’t like but he says he is like a brother and I am a baby

Im so afraid now in front of allah….what shall i do friends???please im not able to sleep,im not like a girl who are doing wrong things,loving a boy,roaming like that….but what i need to do for this please tel me please tel me soon,,,,,am afraid of allah ……… not able to sleep please tel me .am waiting for ur replies ,my eyes are full of tears plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,i havent done a mistake but im afraid why?????????//friends plz i feel like crying