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I daydream about being a Tik-Tok celebrity but my mom won’t have it.

I prayed for my mother and father to die so that I can become a tik-toker because they wouldn’t allow me while they are alive.

What should I do? -ABUSE-

I am a girl that is 16 years old. All my life I’ve been tortured by one person; my mother…

Premarital relationships

When we were together we used to talk about intimate things and other things. But after the break up he only talked to me about sex and I felt so disrespected and guilty.

I’m 13 and obsessed with a boy, should I save myself for him?

Sure I’m thirteen but I do have high goals set for myself. I don’t know what to do, please help.

Problems in my family over the past year

Now we don’t have any communication….they both live for each other and I’ve been left alone.

I’m being forced to marry my cousin

They’re shoving marriage down my throat at the age of 17…

Stuck in bad activities at a young age

I am really depressed thinking of what I should do to quit masturbation. I need help.

Can I massage my private parts to make them grow?

I am a 13 year old boy who has hit puberty.

Feeling always depressed and helpless

When I was 9 year old my father died. After that I am become helpless and depressed. I hate my life. I think Allah hate me and not love me.

I’m 16 and want to get married

He wants to get married now but my parents refused.