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Everything started going wrong after I got a boyfriend

After that day he began to change drastically. He started to attack things I loved (I am a girly girl and I love makeup and clothes and those things). He began to take those away and said I can’t wear makeup anymore, and I can’t wear what I want. I didn’t dress inappropriately as my parents are pretty religious, but he would attack everything. I was really mad at first, but I dealt with it. As soon as he saw that I could deal with it, he gave me even more rules.

I love him, but I don’t want him

The very mistake he did in the beginning was that he told my brother in law that I was raped. I’ve put my children in Hell. How can I forgive him? I’m in severe depression! Please tell me whether I should move back to my original country and live in my new house? Please make dua for me as I’m very LOST.