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My husband said “I divorce you” in anger. Am I Islamically divorced?

He said it three times after throwing a temper-tantrum, but we apologized to one another. Is is over or not?

I am lost, betrayed and a failure

I don’t know whether this is a test from Allah or it is a curse by someone I offended mistakenly.

Forgiveness for misbehaving with parents

A few weeks ago my mom came screaming at me and threatening to hit me. I pushed her away with the intention of hurting her. When she lies, I feel furious and I condemn her in a loud voice. I know this is all wrong. In the moment of anger, I say harsh things, and later I feel horribly guilty and regretful.

My fiance has a big anger problem

I have been engaged to my cousin since last year. He is an angry man, uses abusive language , and has no control on his temper. I don’t really know if he love me or not. He says that he loves me, but the problem is that he abuses me whenever he loses his temper.

I have anger problems from reciting Surah Tauba

I don’t want to suicide as it is haram, I just want to die. Even if I take revenge or kill someone, it will not be a solution because now I have become a topic of laughter. Please don’t tell me it’s haram and all, I know all that. Please let me know some dua or way to die!

My brother’s wife is greedy and demanding

There is a part of him that tells him to get rid of her and another part of him that says no -he has a strange reason. he says he doesn’t want to remarry as he is no longer a bachelor and does not want to go around with the marital status of being ‘divorced’.

How do I cope with my husband’s bad temper?

Asalam Alaikom
I am 21 years of age, my husband is 37, we have been married now for 3 years and hamdulilah have a healthy son. He has a daughter from his last marriage of which I love and treat as my own. I converted to Islam 6 years ago now and since then continue to learn more and more about Islam everyday, however, I need some advice about my husband, he has such a bad temper, usually when things are not going well for him or he is tired, stressed or annoyed.

My husband beats me

I have been married for 3 years now and my husband has a temper problem, he hit me the first week we got married it was in a car. Then he did it a couple times after that. But just recently he has gotten much better he tries to control his anger as much as possible and tells me when I tell you to leave me alone just leave me alone. I know myself and my temper.

My adult son punched his father, and now their relationship is suffering

My son who is 22 years old hit and punched my husband because my husband was asking him to go with him to a funeral and he didn’t wanted to go. I was not at home at that time.