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Temporary Marriage

If both girl and boy love each other and want sex, can they marry each other for that much time till they are together and then give talaak to each other?

Converted Muslim girl in relationship with Saudi man but he hasn’t told his family about us

I am an American and converted to Islam about one year ago. I’m a divorced mom and met my “husband” about 6 months ago. We are in a mut’ah marriage which only his brother who lives here and some of his friends here know about.

Nikah Mu’tah (temporary marriage): is it forbidden in Islam?

I am 5 months pregnant with my first child and I live with the baby’s father, however, I am afraid that we are not “officially” married. We have what many Muslims call a Nikah Mut’ah (temporary marriage).

My Muslim whom I love wants a 5 year marriage

He has spoken to me of marriage can be for a term time set, like 5 years if we wish.. then he spoke he bring me a gift of my choice we agree to a verbal agreement, contrat but he does not speak of a formal mosque wedding..what is this and what should I reply […]