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How to control sexual thoughts and feelings? – CLOSED

But now after divorce I can’t control my feelings, no matter what I am doing it always overcomes me and I have to masturbate myself to feel normal again. Now it’s becoming hard for me to control. But as soon as I feel relaxed or released, ALLAH’s fear overcomes me. offered Salah and seek forgiveness, but I dont know why I can’t get rid of it.

is Allah angry with me or am I being guided?

I know that Allah is the most merciful, but I am afraid that He is angry at me after all the signs I have been shown, and going back into a wrong path after taken the right one, and for a while constantly sinning and repenting.

Trouble with masturbation and studies

Whenever I sit alone I just go to take refuge in online games, so my life is just games and masturbation and nothing else. I am sick of myself and I really hate myself but I am like helpless I can’t do anything at all.

We committed zina and we both regret it

“Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi Raji un”

Expecting a child with a non-Muslim woman, should I marry her?

I am a Muslim man living in the United States of America. I was born and raised Muslim. Like many other unfortunate Muslim brothers here, I fell for the worldly temptations and allowed the shaytan to lead me astray. I am currently expecting a child with a Non-Muslim woman. We are not married. She is a devout Christian woman. Is it permissible for me to marry her? Or do I leave her and the child alone?