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Is texting ok?

We are just friends until our marriage. We do not talk about love or something so is it allowed to talk to her like that?

I want to forget her but she is not leaving me

I want to stop texting her coz to talk to a girl is a sin… but I don’t want to hurt her.

He hasn’t texted me back after a week…What should I do?

I want to break our barriers as I still feel an unexplainable bond to him. What should I do?

Want to marry a convert

During our project meetings, I got to know him more and realized what a good and respectful guy he is. He has so much potential in life, and in my eyes he’s very unique. He never approached me outside of our meetings and I always wondered why (since I knew he had a “crush” on me).

Mom stopped me from texting him

I know texting him is a sin. I shouldn’t even be speaking to boys, and maybe I am young, but I know I love him. He loves me too, so why won’t my mom just let me marry him? She told me that no matter what happens, she’ll never let me marry him. She said she’s going to choose a boy for me, just like every other mother would; but where’s my say in that?

I think my father is having an affair; what should I do?

I dont know who to tell or whether to say anything at all. I dont want to break my family up, but cannot sit and let my mother be disrespected like this. I keep praying to Allah that things will get better and to seek guidance, but I don’t know who to talk to (hence why I’m posting this online).

Need a dua for my friend to come back to me

I was messaging my friend and i wrote this sentence with these symbols ” _ _ _” means dash dash dash … i didn’t know that she will take as a bad thing, she started that i don’t wanna talk to u and go away you’ve crossed the boundaries and all