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Poor family boundaries, and I’m tired of it

I am at a turning point. My father does not care if he is naked in front of me. He doesn’t lower his gaze and I have advised him, but he simply said that he didn’t know I was around. This doesn’t happen once but plenty of times, as our rooms are opposite each other. My mother, on the other hand, does not share the room with him anymore, and has since made the living room entirely hers, even getting dressed in front of my nephews.

Lost some jeweleries and money!

I want to know how and where else to look for them, I am driving myself crazy and can’t understand since nobody was in the house.

I stole something from school…what should I do?

I took a book from school… I just don’t have the courage to tell our teacher or principal that I stole a book…

My inlaws are accusing me of stealing

We live with my inlaws and ever since I had my baby my mother inlaw has been accusing of stealing her belongings, from cloths to jewellery to thousands of pounds.

I stole something when I was young…

I never knew how bad it was to steal from someone!!! now like four years later I regret it and feel terribly guilty, what should I do?

How to repent for stealing CD’s

I was thinking of going to the shop and paying the man a large amount of money for the CD’s and apologizing to him, is it too late or can I fix this?

I stole an iPod; will Allah forgive me?

im 14 yrs old and i stole 2 ipod in my life before. like last year, one of the ipods someone stole from me and the other one i switched my brother. my brother gave it to my othr brother and he wont give it to me. i found out my brother stole it and i stole it back. will Allah forgive me for my stealing. ??

What is my right of money after divorce from my husband the thief!

Found out was divorce 4 months later after it was filed one year a go by my ex-husband. Many times his story changes why he divorced me. After he taken 24 thousand USD from me..

Unfaithful man + greedy family = disaster!

Last year my mother told me that she caught my father cheating on her. My father admitted and asked for forgiveness. He swore on his Mother (Allah bless her soul), his children and the Holy Quran that he wouldn’t cheat again. But I couldn’t believe my ears when my Mother told me few days ago that he is cheating again. Now this “other woman” says that she is only after my father for money.

In-laws not returning my jewelry after divorce

I got married in 2001, I soon found that my husband was a A-class drug and alcohol addict who would often hit me. However I did not want to give up and for 6 years I tried everything to help him. During this time he stole from me and beat me alot. I was the sole breadwinner he did not work and then in ramadan 2007 one day I came back from work and he was drunk and started hitting me. I begged him to stop as I was fasting but he did not.