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I want to be free from this marriage

I just wanna kill myself sometimes… I want my partner and parents stay happy. I just don’t wanna cause any of them in hurt.

My husband is unfaithful and lazy – I’m considering Divorce

I don’t want to make wrong decision in the sight of Allah, and I am so afraid of future. What if I never get married, what if I get married and my future husband is a cheater again, what if my son life gets ruined?

Confused about seeking Khulah

I have discussed all these issues with him a million times. I have tried to convince him with my loving words to warnings of leaving him, but nothing has changed him in these years. I feel that he will never change, and I will live this miserable life for ever and ever. When I discuss it with him, he simply proves that these things are only in my head and have nothing to do with reality, and that he loves me a lot and is sincere with me.

Abusive husband and in-laws… What should I do?

My husband said he will snatch our child from me, that I would kill it or make it like myself. My mother-in-law said I was psycho-case and not able to look after my kid…. He slapped me and when I started crying loudly, started throttling me.

I feel unhappy with my partner

I’ve done twice istikara regarding my partner… and still i don’t feel good after doing istikara i wanna leave my partner but i can’t because i have no choice because people around me won’t support me for this…

I didn’t like her then, and I still don’t like her now

After we had our wedding I really tried to feel something for her and tried to make it work, but I realized that it wasn’t and told my parents and they basically told me they would throw me out and disown me. It’s been four years and I’m miserable. I pray to Allah SWT all the time to put love in my heart for her. I pray, I fast, I go to jummah. I’m not perfect, I know that, but I’m striving to be better. I feel like divorce is the only way I need to move on with my life.