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I don’t know how to make him understand

We had some misunderstanding between us and he is talking so rude to me… I know suicide isn’t good – that is the only reason I am still alive.

Sexually assaulted and afraid of the consequences

He said “if you are not mine, you’ll not going to be with anyone else too”… Is there any way to cover this…or otherwise I have to attempt suicide…

I want to be free from this marriage

I just wanna kill myself sometimes… I want my partner and parents stay happy. I just don’t wanna cause any of them in hurt.

I want to get married or should I kill myself?

I really want to get out of here and I have 2 options, 1. Kill myself by overdosing on painkillers or 2. Get married ASAP.

I don’t want to be here anymore

I’m not sure if this is what being suicidal feels like… I want to commit suicide after I finish high school.


I have self harmed by cutting and I have hit myself before, and I have planned to commit suicide several times.