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Please, give me reasons not to kill myself

I never wanted to be a lesbian. I didn’t choose this. For the past six years I’ve been hurting myself physically such as cutting and starving myself because I felt like I needed to punish myself because of me being gay.

I can´t see the point of being alive anymore.

My mum also constantly puts me down and makes me feel like a piece of crap and it led me to stop eating properly. I was a UK size 8 before and now I don’t even fit properly into a size 6. Being thin is the only thing that gives me satisfaction now.

Father and brother beat me and my mother

I need help, I have visited this website numerous times to seek advice that may apply to me. However, I feel that writing to you all will be a better alternative for me. Any advice will be highly appreciated. Jazakallah. I apologize for the long post in advance..

Either I force myself to get married or suicide

I want to marry men outside of my race who are pious practicing Muslims.I told this to my parents and my father says he will never ever accept. My mother also says she can not let this happen because of my father. I feel so guilty….

I am pregnant and my boyfriend thinks on suicide

They have demanded I have an abortion (something I am not prepared to do) and that my partner has to choose between being a son and being a father. …

They want me to marry a gambler or an alcoholic.

I´m so much depressed that sometimes I think of committing suicide but then I think that this life is a gift of ALLAH(swt) and I don’t have any right to finish this life.

I want my loved one back, I will kill myself, I can´t bear now.

I love someone too much but my family got me married with another boy. I could not stop that on time. They made too much pressure on me emotionally…

Is artificial insemination lawful in Islam?

I am a 33 yrs old male married 3 years ago but not able to make my wife pregnant. I am just not able to reach orgasm. We have had very less sexual activity too, intially due to confidence issues for me and then from my wife. I don´t know why and I lose interest also quickly.

My husband has tried to suffocate me with a pillow.


I am a 30 year lady and been married for 3 years.
Let me add that I got married to a muslim man of my choice who is younger than me 2 years. Initially my parents objected to his marriage when they found out that he use to drink alcohol. But since i knew or at least I thought he had stopped drinking, i begged my parents to let me marry him.