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Controlling sister and extreme poverty

Now I only think it’s been 8 years Allah is listening but not doing anything to solve the problem, why Allah has made her our God? She is controlling us like a God.

Bullied at home and at school – having thoughts of suicide

I have been dealing with a lot of depressing problems. I’ve begun to have suicidal thoughts.

Tried Killing Myself After He Left Me

All I can think about now is google search: how to kill yourself at home astagfirullah. I worked in mental health 5 years and always helped people get out of depression. And now I can’t walk myself without fainting.

Severe insomnia – thinking of suicide

I have been having severe insomnia for the past 7/8 years. I dropped out of my education… It’s ruining my life.

I need some help for past abuse

I thought Allah hated me and wanted him to hurt me. Even though I know that’s probably not right, I still feel that way sometimes. I feel like Allah hates me. Thats when I go back to my suicidal thoughts. I planned, but I’m too scared. Sometimes though I hurt myself without knowing because I’m just so sad.

Considering suicide… Is it the only way out of this mess?

Suicide is the only solution for me. I know it’s haram… but I can’t find any other solution.

I feel like I am alive, but not existing. Depression has got the best of me.

I think I’ve hit rock bottom. I am just about done. I relapsed on cutting and starting thinking of suicide but I feared Allah…

I am scared of losing him, I love him a lot but he is not happy with me

Whenever he talks to me its always in a yelling manner. he never wants to share anything, says its his private life and i have no right to ask about it. I have been on depression medication because of him and have tried to take my life. i am scared of losing him, i love him a lot bt he is not happy with me.

Everyone hates me, and I’ve lost faith in Allah

I will always suffer in this life, so why bother reaching out to Allah? Why bother even trying to be a moral person? Staying and helping my parents has gotten me nowhere.

Abused by my father, and now by my husband, and I am almost insane

assalaam alaikum to all i am a 26 year old girl who’s been married past 15 months. I am a girl with a mental disorder because my father used to abuse me when I was younger. But it is only my husband now, and he does it very rarely, but when he does, he hurts […]