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My parents say they will kill me if I leave this forced marriage

I am 20 years old my name is fathima I was married in 2009
Only due to emotional backmail my mom blackmaild me and forced me a lot and I got married..

Boyfriend threatens to ruin me and my family

We were good always. Our marriage was about to be fixed few months back but a few things went wrong in my family and they denied marrying me to him for so many reasons. But later I convinced my family but they asked us to wait for valid reasons. He was ready to wait for me as long as my family asks us to wait but now he has changed his decision for reasons which I regard totally illogical…

Wife is being unreasonable and demanding and I don’t know what to do

For the ease of everyone and to wrap up fast, I’ll write the fast facts:

SUMMER 2008:
I and my wife got married, just the Nikah no reception. The reception (Walima) was supposed to take place when she finishes her education and I go to the US since her entire family (aunts, uncles and all) are living over there because they couldn’t come for the Nikah neither her parents because it was a really fast decision between the parents and both of us.

Her father has threatened to kill her

I have known a young Islamic woman for 2 years now, you may find this hard to believe (as i am not a Muslim), but we have never committed any physical act although have been alone together. I have a great respect for her and her faith.

Her father recently found out about us and is utterly distraught. Myself and this young lady are so very close, it is breaking my heart to see her this way. We wish to be married, we wish to have a good life together, a decent life, but felt that, as we were both in a financialy unstable situation, and i am a non Muslim, it would be better to let him know at a later time.