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My husband’s family have taken my baby away

The only time I saw my baby was when I was breast-feeding. My mother in law demands for my daughter to call her “mum”.

How can I get out of this abusive relationship with no support?

I’m contemplating divorce. Each time my husband fights with me because we have disagreement, he orders me that I should leave and return to my mothers home and he threatens to take my son away from me and kick me out of my marital home. He has formed a habit of continuing this daily.

We’re newlyweds but six months later, we are physically fighting

I’m 18, and have been married for about 6 months. I knew him before we got married though and he was so charming with a beautiful love that I miss so much. But after we got married, things changed dramatically. We fought alot, so much about him annoyed me, and now he chokes me.