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Do I stay and break up my family or go and risk everything?

I met his family at the wedding. I only realised what a mistake I had made when I was around them.

Cheating and lying husband, help needed

He used to hit me a lot and abuse me… Things got better but after the death of his first wife, he’s become the same. I’ve contacted some Maulanas and they’ve all told me he’s having an affair outside.

Question about relations with brother in law in Islam

I went to see my sister and my brother in law was home, though left after a while. I went and I did not have interaction with him. When my husband came to know about it he became very angry, so much so that he hit me on face, abused and threatened of divorce.

Shall I conceive or not?

Every night he is making love with me to make me pregnant, but I am taking pills without informing him. I know it is a sin. Also my teenage kids are against my pregnancy, and also against their new father. My husband has told me that if I don’t conceive, then he will divorce me.

He beats me and threatens divorce, then apologizes

Me and my husband fight a lot. Most of them from my end are only verbal but my husband gets very angry and loses control which leads him to beat me up brutally and he threatens to divorce me and always says, “If i knew all this would have happened, I would never have married you.”