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He is blackmailing me and making my life hell

im being blackmailed by a pakistani national in uae. He has taken over my life 100% .im divorced with 2 sons. I met him a year ago and he ask to marry me..

Husband sits at home with no job; Is she wrong for asking him to find a job before she can agree to stay with him?

This post is regarding my sister. She married a year and a half back at the age of 18yrs and was engaged for 3 yrs. Now she has a beautiful daughter Allhamdullilah. She came home these days for Ramadan. Now she doesn’t want to go back. The problems she faced living with her husband in our home country are first of all her husband doesn’t work. He doesn’t gets a big fat income and is not ready for a small income. We have been paying her’s, husband’s and daughter’s expenses from day one.