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Abusive father won’t let me marry

He said the reason is because he said no and I should obey. I have to follow his command because else he will kill me … he also said that he will burn my face…


Stubborn wife heading towards divorce.

I tried time and again to sit with her and politely to make her understand that how her behavior is affecting us as a family. And it is absolutely fine if he has a different opinion on things or likes and dislikes but she has no right to snap at me and she needs to learn to be a good wife by attending to the needs of her husband and by being kind to his family.

I ruined my own life

He started to blackmail me, that all my pictures will be published over the internet… He said he’ll stop if I cut myself or start sex chat.

I am mentally drained from the cheating and beating

But he turns violent everytime I speak to him about separation, as he uses the kids to threaten me. He has not been a good father, yet he always tells me to leave if I want and give the kids to him. He has said so much to hurt me. My kids always witness me getting beaten. I wonder what impact will this lead to. I stayed all these years with the hope that he will change for the better, but I don’t know if I waited too long.

Can I become a good Muslim in this difficult situation?

He told me that my children belong to his mother… I have threats coming from every side. Please help, I do not want to lose my boys.

Mother keeps cursing me for marrying a divorced woman.

I married a divorced girl, because I find compatible with me, and the age difference is not that great. But the problem is, my mom is not ready to accept my marriage and start cursing me always after marriage. I am in a tough situation because my mother is threatning me that she will not forgive me forever and even hereafter.

Fiance is threatening to expose my nude videos unless I marry him for a period of 2 days!

He said lets get married, have a marriage contract and I can write it up, and he said he is willing for this marriage to be only for 2 days, and he will not touch me in any sort of way, not going to get involved in any sort of sexual intercourse. And then he said after divorce you can leave. Reason being to this he said is that atleast he has married me and got me.

My Muslim Life is not real – I need help and courage

Muslim Family is a Lie – How do I handle it?
My husband and I have been married for 13 years. I brought three children into the marriage from a previously abusive relationship and one of the most important things that my husband and I discussed before marriage was how crucial it was that there be no division in our blended family.

What can I do if my family doesnt give me food?

I am a severely disabled (dont walk and limited arm use) never married adult woman. my family is cruel and abusive and often dont give me food to eat. Sometimes I am crying in bed in pain and hungry (my illness is very physically painful) and I can hear them in the kitchen eating and joking and laughing.

My father in Law is a controlling bully

I was married in June 2008. My wife’s parents home is nearly 18 hrs journey from my house. In spite of this long journey, my wife used to visit her parents after every 10 days. She stays there for nearly a month, she comes back for a week or 10 days to my house and again she goes back