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I think He Is the One, But…

I feel immense happiness when I see him and sit with him as I feel he is the only way out of my life and depression.

Help.. haram relationship but clear intentions.

I am really serious about this and do want this to work out because alhamdulillah he is a nice person… Do I leave him alone?

I need a dua to get married to the boy I want.

I want a dua to get engaged (nikah) with whom I love. I am a 17 year old girl and I love a muslim boy. we talk only in chat nothing more but agian it is haram in Islam so I want him lawfully and legally because we two love each other a lot we can’t stop talking but it is haram so thats why I want to get engaged with him.

My family think I am too young to marry

I am 16 and I am interested in a 19 year old muslim man, we are sure that we want to be married Inshallah but my parents do not like him even though they do not know him. They will not even give him a chance..

While “waiting” for me, he married and divorce.

I am a Muslim woman and a couple of years ago I met a Revert to Islam. From the very beginning his intentions were pure, he told me that his intentions were to marry me. Unfortunately, our relationship wasn’t Halal and we committed major sins.

Are 17 and 16 too young for marriage?

Salam, I am a 17 year old boy who wants to get married to a sister who is 16. I asked my mum if I could get married because I am finding it hard to cope with all the fitnah around me. But she told me I can’t get married. What would you advise me to do?

I feel like I want (or need) to get married…

I am a sister of 17 years and will be 18 inshaa Allah in a few months. Nevertheless, since about a year ago I have expressed an internal desire to get married. I don’t know the exact nature as to how this arose, but I know that I want a pious companion in life and I know that I need to become independant. In my house, I see that I am restricted at times (and very, very dependant) and thus comes this desire to expand my horizons and fulfill more of the prophetic sunnah, inshaa Allah.

I’m 19 and in love but my family won’t let me get married

Asalama aleykum brothers and sisters.
i’m a girl age 19. i am in love and the boy really loves me back and he wanna do so much for me and my family, but my family are not accepting him and they keep saying to me i am too young to get married and should think of my education first. i’m really depressed and dont know what i should do, need help asap.. Please help.

– Ramla