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Nabi Booti plant to help conceive?

I bought Nabi Booti from Madina, Saudi Arabia for someone I know. I was told that its to help women conceive. I am not sure if it should be used and if so than how it should be used.

– Tahira

Does the “Maryam Booti” work? (a plant that helps with pregnancy)

asalamu-alaikum. I’m married and 8 months pregnant. I wanted to know what Islam says about the “maryam booti”? (which is said in urdu), a small branch which is believed to grow in saudi arabia and helps in delivering for a pregnant women. I want to know what the truth about this is in Islam, how & when to use it or if it’s just a myth made by women. Plz reply asap. Thank u very much, and may Allah bless you.