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If I sin during hardship, will this extend my hardship

When in a state of hardship, is my hardship extended when I commit sins or is this all part of the hardship?

How to gain patience on a heartbreak

I apologized but he told me it’s over that I broke his heart and that he doesn’t trust me anymore.

Does Allah hate me?

I am so stressed out… feeling like committing suicide… why is Allah doing this to us?

My life compared to hers…

I was a good girl and I’ve been through a lot, I thought I deserved the best whereas my friend did the bad and got good life!

I feel like death would have been easier

I have a dream on my wedding night in which I was told I will face many tests in my marriage from God and that I must be patient. Many years have passed since then, and yes, I have been tested to my utmost limit from the very first month since my wedding. My husband has been having multiple online and emotional affairs.