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Three times divorce before rukhsati

I was married and divorced after a year – before rukhsati. Three times divorce was given in written form.

Unfair Triple Talaaq

Men delivered a signed triple divorce paper to my house. A few days later they came again to ask for gifts back. Is the triple talaaq in writing valid?

Can I re-marry my ex wife?

It was a genuine marriage, but she became upset because of his false promises. He sent her divorce by email.

Can I marry her again? And should I?

I went out of control and said I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you. I don’t know why I said it three times. I never wanted to leave her permanently it was just a moment of anger.

He said “Divorce” after taking a second wife

He told me that I forced him to divorce me but its not his heart’s intention… But he said since it was said it literally means divorce… He told me that if I accept his terms, he can take me back.

Talaq and remarriage

i have asked my husband to give me divorce and he got to court and there he signed a stamp paper on which it was written ‘i am giving threefold divorce ‘ to my wife.

Divorced her thrice but she did not observe the Iddah; was the Shaikh right to declare her divorced?

According to the sheikh, she been divorced and must get out of this marriage, until marry another man,,,,,,,

she was scared doing haram and did what he said and now in my opinion we are divorced because of her doing complete eddah now we are divorced islamicly and in the american way, lost my house, children and others materialistic thing that i don’t care about,

I want her back, divorce was a mistake

Around 3 month ago, I received an email from my wife, asking how I was etc. I responded back and ever since then we have been in contact. She expressed her love to me and was angry by the fact that I divorced her out of anger and it was not fair. I love my wife, she means the world to me, and I can not see my life without anyone apart from her.

Can my mother marry another man?

Let him stay with his new family. But pa and ma are not ready for that, whenever I asked the reason, they don’t have anything to say. No valid reason. She doesn’t know whats in my mind. Now my question, is it permissible in Islam for a woman, who has an unmarried child, to marry another.?

He Divorced Her Out Of Anger, Then Divorce Happened Through Court – Can I Marry Her Now?

I have proposed her and she has accepted it. Having said this, I am faced with some social and legal issues here. In a society where financial and social position matters a lot, marrying a divorced or widow with kids from a lower class is considered a taboo, especially for an unmarried man of my age.