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Please help me?

My family knows now about this and they don’t approve it saying where is the proof to this marriage and also they said how can they let this happen?

Wife Divorced me because of my Anger!!

I realize how rude, harsh and stupid I talked to her. I want to call her and apologize but can not as her family have history of violence, so I do not want them to bother my mom and sis back home.

Two talaqs and a khula – can we reconcile?

In this situation i can do nikkah with the same person 3rd time or is it possible after halalah?

I regret saying talaq in anger

I say my wife Talaque 3 times over the phone when I was angry. If I do touba…. my nikah will remain the same????

Talak out of anger

I just said it three times… This was not planned and I don’t have any intention… I realised I can’t live without her it was a mistake…

Unfair Triple Talaaq

Men delivered a signed triple divorce paper to my house. A few days later they came again to ask for gifts back. Is the triple talaaq in writing valid?

Talaq and remarriage

i have asked my husband to give me divorce and he got to court and there he signed a stamp paper on which it was written ‘i am giving threefold divorce ‘ to my wife.

Divorce through text messaging, where the message was sent five times

i was speaking so much and in bad way that my husband send me a message on Mobile (SMS) in which he wrote: “i give you Tallaq. and if you will speak more then i will you the other two tallaqs also ” it means he only gave me 1 tallaq. but he was in rage and he wanted me to read that messsage again and again so that i would got ashamed. so he sent that same message again again five times. but my brother was asking me that it may be possible that it would be considered five times by Allah.

Am I divorced?

last year he said he wanted to divorce me and said “I divorce thee” 3 times. But there was no witnesses. Does this still mean we are divorced?

Can I remarry my Muslim husband?

My Muslim husband divorced me three times when we where having a fight & after which he wished he had not done. As I understand it, to be divorced it must be said three times but I read somewhere that if he said it in anger, we are still married as he was not in the right mind when he said it.